Welcome to Dealer Center

Welcome to Dealer Center!

We have restructured our websites to support the Dealer Center portal.

To login your dealership must have an AgFiniti dealer account which only the owner/manager can create. A video explaining the setup process can be found here. Once the dealer account is created, the owner/manager is responsible for creating employee accounts.

If when you login to Dealer Center, you find yourself at your AgFiniti profile page instead of Dealer Center, one of the following is likely the cause:

  • You are attempting to login with your personal rather than your dealership account. Talk to your owner/manager about being added to the dealership account.
  • The Dealer ID may not be associated with the dealership AgFiniti account. The owner/manager should work with the Ag Leader Sales Department to make this change.

The Ag Leader Dealer Center and its associated applications are intended for Ag Leader authorized use only. Information contained herein is proprietary and shall not be reproduced, disseminated or shared in any manner by any person unless specifically permitted.